A Final Word on Weather – the misery index

I am told that the Inuit have some sixty words for snow… for different kinds of snow. That doesn’t surprise me; they see a lot of it. I live considerably south of the tree line, but even I have seventeen words for snow – none of them usable in public. – Arthur Black
As a Canadian, I am naturally fixated on weather, especially this year – for it has been hell.  A quick google search for “Canadian winter hell” turned up a few things, thus, I’m not alone.  What also appeared in my search were several entries about the “misery index” entitled:  This winter is miserable:  meteorologists confirm it.  Hmmm … really?  So that’s what’s been happening here.   Lovely to have our winter grumblings verified; now we can discard our layer of Canadian passivity, peel it off  (just a bit and just for awhile) and let the expletives spill!  Because winter has got our goats this year and it really is______________!!! miserable.  Feel free to fill in the blank with your blackest of words.  There’s no doubt I’d echo it.  (And why am I tempted to plunk a happy face here?  Because, I’m Canadian …But I won’t, I won’t… I shall not.)

“From Environment Canada” – Rick Mercer Report:

A Fellow Canadian who Says it Like it is:

And this brave soul … without uttering even a mild cuss – A Canadian to the core.  Maybe he doesn’t know about the “Misery Index?”

To see more of what we’ve been dealing with here:

Feschuk on the winter from hellhttp://ca.news.yahoo.com/feschuk-on-the-winter-from-hell-221537948.html
Meteorologists confirm that winter is miserable:  http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/geekquinox/official-winter-misery-index-confirms-just-awful-winter-205436337.html

About JT Winik

A Canadian visual artist whose figurative paintings are psychological explorations of isolation, interpersonal relationships, gender analysis and female sexuality.
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